Friday 14th June:- Bailando Fridays with Live Salsa Band, “Viva La Tradicion”.  DRESS TO IMPRESS. More details below Special Events!

Saturday 6st July:- Salsa Fiesta.  This is a special event with salsa classes at all levels from complete beginners to Intermediate. We also have guest teachers, another reason not to miss out on this event! See below for more details.

We offer classes at all levels, from complete beginners to advanced, these are the most comprehensive dance class events in Cambridge. Our social nights are packed with dancers from all around Cambridgeshire and Anglia, London and many other places. Our salsa dance community in Cambridge is proud to be the longest running in the area.

Venue :-  We run all our classes/events at St Andrews Street Baptist Church, 40-43 St Andrew's St, Cambridge. CB2 3AR.

Dance is a great way to meet people, keep fit, and have an enjoyable time in a very friendly environment. There's no need for partners or booking, just turn up for the classes; all our classes are drop-in, not courses, and we have an absolute beginners' class on each of our nights. We guarantee you will be able to dance from your first lesson even if you have two left feet.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, we will guide you through the steps and help you find your rhythm. Get ready to move your hips and have a great time with fellow salsa enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to spice up your dance skills and meet new friends. See you on the dance floor!

We are available for corporate events, birthday parties, school and college discos, May Balls and weddings. We always aim to deliver  quality and fun salsa classes, . If you need a DJ, we have DJ Vish to keep everyone dancing.


All our classes/events include a Complete Beginners level. If you are a complete beginner, we recommend you join our first class. No need to book, as all our classes are drop-ins and no partner is needed as we rotate during the classes.

Mondays Salsa

St Andrews Street Baptist Church, 43 St Andrew's Street, Cambridge. CB2 3AR

20:15 - Door opens
Classes :-
20:30 - 21:25 - First class at all levels
21:30 - 22:20 - Second class at all levels
22:20 - 22:55 - Social Dancing

Two classes (Buy one, get other Free) inc. social - £10 Social Dancing Only - £2

Bailando Fridays

St Andrews Street Baptist Church, 40-43 St Andrew's St, Cambridge. CB2 3AR

19:40 - Door opens

Classes :-
19:45- Intro and shine classes
20:00 - 20:55 - First class at all levels
21:00 - 21:45 - Second class at all levels
21:45 - Midnight - Social Dancing

Two classes (Buy one, get other Free) inc. social - £10. Social Dancing Only - £5

Salsa Fiesta Cambridge

Saturday Special Salsa Night

Salsa Fiesta Cambridge June Edition.

Sat 1st June @ St Andrews Street Baptish Church

The launch night was a huge success. The quality of the classes, great atmosphere and we had dancers coming from all over.

We are super delighted to have our guest teacher, Dr John back with us.

John will teach 2 classes at our top level. All we can say we are in for a real treat. I f you really want to improve your salsa, learn new moves and techniques, then this is a workshop you do not want to miss.

We will have 3 levels possibly four level of salsa classes

Joining us will be Club Salsa Cambridge Team

What makes a good fiesta is the music. We have no other than, Dj Vish. On the menu will be the hottest salsa and bachata.

19:15:- Door open

19:30 - 20:00 :- warm up before the class. We will play 30 minutes of nice and easy songs to warm your feet and get you into dance mood.

20:00 -20:55 - Salsa class at all levels

21:00 - 21:50 - Salsa class at all levels

21:50 till 00:15 - Social Dancing


£13- 2 classes inc. social dancing

£8 - 1 class inc. social dancing

£6- social dancing only


Vish got into Salsa when he moved to Cambridge. He was new to the city and a colleague recommended Salsa with Nelson Batista, known as the Godfather of Salsa.

Bailando Fridays with Live Salsa Band, “Viva La Tradicion”



Friday 14th June

Bailando Fridays with Live Salsa Band, “Viva La Tradicion”.

As always, expect dancers joining us from all over. Please note. as we have the band playing, we will be starting all our classes from 19:45. Please arrive on time. See below for more details.

New times for this night:-

19:45:- salsa classes at all levels

20:40:- salsa classes at all levels

21:30 - 00:30:- Social Dancing

Dress to Impress


£10- class and social dancing.

£7- Social Dancing only



Available Europe Wide

Vish aka Dj Vish is the founder of Club Salsa Cambridge. Coming from a nursing management background, you can see the influence that has had in building a friendly and caring dance community in Cambridge.

Club Salsa Cambridge exists thanks to the continued support from dancers from all over, local venues allowing us to hire thier venues  and a team of volunteers helping in promoting Salsa and building  a strong community. 

His knowledge in different genre of music brings a uniqueness when he is DJing. He is someone who loves to challenge dancers. There's never a dull moment. When Dj'ing he says, I feel am telling a story. The dancers are the characters and once you are connected, that's when you see magic on the dance floors. Shakespeare was so right, " If music be the food of love, play on".


Joe Davids is the director of The Latin Collective. He has been part of Club Salsa Cambridge journey for many years. He runs one of the biggest dance events across London and other cities. His knowledge and passion in teaching has played a significant role in developing the salsa dance scene in Cambridge. He is in Cambridge teaching with Club Salsa Cambridge most Fridays. 


Send us a message below, alternatively give us a call at 07782 218745 or send us an email directly to clubsalsaevent@gmail.com